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Come support Theresa “Toad” Jamieson – a Six Nations land defender – on Wednesday December 12th at 10am, at the Cayuga courthouse. She is facing charges stemming from when anti-Native rights activist Gary McHale forced his way down the road at the reclamation site, Kanonhstaton, on February 18th, 2012. Watch this disgusting injustice here:

McHale marched onto Kanonhstaton, accompanied by several OPP officers, attempting to make speeches about how the OPP are racist against white people. McHale was clearly trying to provoke Six Nations Land Defenders, until they were arrested. Toad, along with several other land defenders, were then given conditions that did not allow them to return to Kanonhstaton.

We must stand together to resist the actions of the colonial courts in criminalizing Six Nations land defenders. In court on December 12th, Toad will be fighting to live by the Great Law, as she does every day. As treaty people on this land, we must fight these outrageous violations of treaty rights and the Great Law, by building support for Toad, and our other friends and allies at Six Nations. A packed court room of supporters will make a strong, necessary statement.

Come stand with Toad on December 12th!

55 Munsee St. N., Cayuga


If you can drive or need a ride from any of these cities, please contact:


Laura 416-888-9704


Dylan 289-969-5730


Kalin 226-600-5245


Laura 416-888-9704

Cars will be returning at various times throughout the day.

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CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group

April 28th Coalition

Below is a call out for support from the April 28th Walk to Kanonhstaton (the land reclamation site in Caledonia). The six year anniversary has come and gone and all levels of Government are uninterested in negotiating to resolve land claim issues on the Haldimand Tract. It is up to us to build the community support to force those elected leaders into a position to negotiate.  CUPE 4207 fully supports the Walk to Kanonhstaton and has offered to help fund a bus from St. Catharines to Dunnville to Kanonhstaton and back for the day of the rally. This support is vital to ensuring that the bridge between our communities grows stronger. Labour has been a strong ally at Kanonhstaton for the past six years, with CUPE, the CAW, Steelworkers, and more doing much of the solidarity organizing work on site. Together we are strong and together we can force a resolution in the face of racism, xenophobia and reckless “development.” Please come out to support this vital cause.  A place on the bus can be secured by emailing and indicating you wish to go on the April 28th Walk to Kanonhstaton.

Dear friends and supporters,

The April 28 Coalition is a grassroots initiative aimed at making a positive contribution to resolving the conflict in Caledonia. The event we are planning on April 28 is going to be a large and powerful show of support for peace, respect and friendship. We are estimating that over 1000 people will join us in our walk and celebration. After we finish walking through Caledonia we will end up at Kanonhstaton (the former Douglas Creek Estates) for a gathering that will involve live music, free food, games and sporting events, and much more.

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