Updates for Members

Updates for 4207 Members

This page is help 4207 Members understand what the Executive Committee is actively doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We want you to get a sense of what we are doing, what we are advocating on your behalf, and how we support local community and groups across the country.


December 2020:
Donated $100 to Socks for Change.

January 2021:
Donated $500 to the Pony Mart store to do Outreach. The downtown St. Catharines convenience store, Pony Mart, has quietly been doing outreach for a number of years. They have helped many community members who are in need. With our donation, one hundred $5 gift cards for Tim Horton’s were distributed to community members in need.

February 2021:
Donated $200 to Sistahfest.

April 2021:
Donated $500 toward the cost of the Pride Week event.
Donated $500 to the Please Help Jolene Dodge with safe Housing Fund.
Donated $600 to the Period Promise Niagara campaign.

May 2021:
Donated $250 to the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre. The Workers Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC) is a community museum in Hamilton that celebrates the history of workers and labour. Your Local has been making annual donations to the WAHC for the past few years to help the museum continue to do their important work.

July 2021:
Donated $500 to the National Council of Canadian Muslims.
Donated $250 to the locked out workers of CUPE 2348 at the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council) in their quest for a fair contract.