Unit 4

Unit 4 members are Clinical Nursing Instructors (CNIs) at Brock University.

The Unit 4 Bargaining Committee members are:
Monica Hlywka
Rebecca La Rocca
Darlene Polich
Phil Wachel

Henry Bosch (CUPE National representative)

Latest Updates

November 23, 2023

Dear CNI,

Your Bargaining Team has now met with the Employer 4 times. Bargaining is progressing at an acceptable pace.

The Parties were able to come to an agreement about Mask Fit Testing. In some instances, a CNI needs to have a valid Mask Fit Test. Brock does not provide CNIs with access to the test.

A Letter of Understanding (called an LOU) has been agreed to where CNIs can register to have a Mask Fit Test completed. The CNI will have to pay for the cost of the test, but at least they can access it on campus.

Discussions around Postings and Appointments are ongoing.

The next bargaining meeting has been scheduled for December 6.

In Solidarity,
Phil Wachel, CUPE 4207 President (on behalf of the Unit 4 Bargaining Committee)

November 23 Update PDF

Past updates

November 1 Update PDF

Bargaining Update – October 17

September 19th:

Clinical Nursing Instructors (CNIs) are the newest Unit. A Bargaining Committee was elected and the group have been Preparing for Bargaining during the Summer.

Bargaining Proposals were crafted after a Bargaining Survey went out to all CNIs.

September 13 will be spent finalizing Bargaining Proposals. The Local’s President and our National rep are also bargaining committee members who have been at many bargaining tables. The group expects to meet with the Employer some time in mid-October to begin negotiating a first collective agreement.

CNIs will want to attend the first GMM of the year, as the following Unit 4 positions are being elected: Vice President, Lead Steward for Unit 4, and Steward for Unit 4. Please reach out to Phil president@cupe4207.org about these positions.

Bargaining Priorities Update –  June 23

Preparing for Bargaining – May 12

Your unit 4 bargaining committee for 2023-2024!