OUR LOCAL’S UNIT 3, all instructors in ESL services, have been negotiating a new contract for a a few months now. The employer is wielding a heavy hand, pressuring the instructors to accept conditions existing before their unionization.

Come to the Special General Membership Meeting to learn about the current status of Unit 3 bargaining  and hear/ participate in the discussion and decision-making about future steps our local will take in the negotiations.


4 pm in GL 164.

As a Special GMM the meeting’s agenda is as follows (no regular GMM agenda is in order):
Bargaining Updates – Unit 3
Bargaining Mobilization – Unit 3
Strike Mandate Vote – Unit 3

Executive Committee meeting

Wondering what’s going on? Executive Committee meetings are open to all CUPE 4207 members.

All members welcome to attend! You can share ideas, voice concerns, ask questions. Only the E.C. members can vote.

July 13th at 4:30 pm in MC C 401, right next to the union office.

A community feast with The Water Walkers

NOOKMIS JOSEPHINE MANDAMIN and the Water Walkers of 2017 are coming to St. Catharines.

Thursday June 29th

4:45 – 7 pm

Anglican Church on 83 Church St.

The event is open to the whole community.

Donations to the raffle table, feast table and monetary donations are welcomed. All proceeds will go to the Water Walkers to further their journey.

For coverage of the walk check out e.g., this and this source.

The Indigenous Solidarity Coalition originated in and is sponsored by our local.


Seniority inquiries are arriving in our local’s mailbox. If you are applying and planning to re-apply for a job at Brock (posted as a position represented by CUPE 4207), and are not sure about your seniority date, go to the seniority list posted on the Unit 1 Seniority List web page.

We strongly encourage you to contact the local with any queries you may have about the posting/hiring process.

Unit 3 Payroll Conversion ?

The University asked permanent members in Unit 3 to switch to a different pay regime. While the said members were paid to date at the end of every month, with a mid month advance, it was more desirable to be paid biweekly. Yet this payroll change is not about the biweekly pay that Unit 1 members have been selecting as one of the options on their contract at sign time. What the employer wants to convert payroll into is two week pay but with one week lag!

The ESL instructors (permanent) are going to vote on the proposed change. The Executive Committee recommends voting it down. Read a letter to U3 members Statement on Payroll Conversion to learn more.


Today is workers holiday – International Workers Day. Workers celebrate around the world.

What you need to know about May Day

by Leo Panitch

For more than 100 years, May Day has symbolized the common struggles of workers around the globe. Why is it largely ignored in North America? The answer lies in part in American labour’s long repression of its own radical past, out of which international May Day was actually born a century ago.

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End of term SOCIAL!

After a busy year teaching, researching and learning, you deserve a break!

Come to the union social Friday April 21 (the day after our AGM) to the mostly empty 319 Merritt Street building for a relaxing evening, drink food and fun supplied (well, you may have to do something with the latter one).


Grievance scanning and filing position wanted

The local is offering a temporary job that includes scanning and processing of grievance files into a software called LabourWare. While an asset, no experience with LabourWare is necessary (training will be provided). The objective is to have grievances digitized, easily accessible and searchable.  A degree of experience with the grievance process is required for the job. See the call by clicking on the link below.

CUPE4207 Grievance Scanner Job Posting