Make Brock a $15 Fairness Campus endorsement

Our local has been approached by Fight for $15 & Fairness’ Niagara chapter to endorse a proposal of the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity, and Decolonization [PACHRED] for improvement of work standards at Brock. The proposal, Make Brock a $15 & Fairness Campus, requests that the university reinstates some of the labour protections that have been revoked by Bill 47 in 2018. … Read more…

Access to payslips and ROE

According to the Ontario Employment Standards Act the employer must provide a wage statement – payslip – on or before an employee’s pay day. We lose access to Workday when our contract expires, yet there are still two more pay periods after April 30th. The employer provides a solution to payslip access on the Human Resources website:

The page also informs about the automatic release of ROE to Service Canada. This is important to members who apply for Employment Insurance benefits.

On or about May 3 the employers sent this:
Your appointment with the University has ended. If your regular access to Workday is no longer active, you can obtain limited Workday access for 7 days after your final pay deposit to view/print your final payslip. Follow the instructions in the job aid found at the following link to access your payslip:

Open letter to waive graduate fees

On April 21, the Canadian Federation of Students [CFS] has released an open letter addressed to the federal and provincial governments, Canada research funding councils, and university administrations. The letter demands the suspension of graduate tuition fees for the Spring/Summer term for all graduate students. Our local has endorsed the letter. The pandemic has accentuated the already precarious conditions of graduate students having to pay exorbitant fees for their stays in graduate programs over the summer when TA jobs are very scarce.

Open Letter: Grad Students and COVID-19

Workday glitch alert!

It would seem that Workday’s bugs continue plaguing the human resources and financial management system at Brock.

Members applying for jobs should be aware of their attachments’ format they upload to the application. Workload seems to only accept .docx and .pdf.

Here is the gist of the glitch – a member applies, includes all the required information, sends it off and receives confirmation from Talent Acquisition. If the attached documents are not in docx or pdf, the hiring staff in the department where the application is directed will not receive it. To the staff responsible for hiring, you have not applied…

Making sure that submitted documents are in particular format should not be our problem, and certainly our livelihood should not hinge on such a chosen, human made technicality.

Employee and Family Assistance Program extended!

The Employer has extended the EFAP benefits until JUNE 30, 2020 for all Unit 1, 2 and 3 members who are on the respective units’ seniority lists.

This means that any member, whether currently holding a contract or not, can use the Employee and Family Assistance Program, an online and phone based support service. It offers Professional Counselling, Financial Support, Legal Support, Nutrition Support, Family Support, Career Counselling, Health Coaching and Naturopathic Service.