April 2021 AGM Agenda

Hi Folks!

Just a reminder about next week’s AGM, and a draft of the Agenda. Join us!

Date: April 28, 2021 Time:  5:00 pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 735 932 2633

  1. Call the Meeting to Order
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Roll-Call of Officers
  4. Reading of the Equality Statement
  5. Acknowledgement of Indigenous Territory
  6. Minute of Silence
  7. Presentation – Period Promise
    Guest Speaker:  Tanya Faulkner, Labour Program and Service Coordinator,
    United Way of Niagara
  8. Voting on new members and initiation
  9. Acceptance of the Minutes – April 15, 2019
  10. Matters arising from the Minutes
  11. Treasurer’s Report
  12. Budget
  13. Communications
  14. Executive Committee Reports
  15. Reports of Committees and Delegates
  16. Elections
    1. Election of an Applied Health Sciences Steward (term ending March 30, 2022)
    2. Election of 3 delegates to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Convention, June 16 – 18th, 2021.
  17. Old Business
    1. Department Stewards
  18. New Business
    1. Unit 1 Bargaining Research Committee
    2. Five Hours of Paid Training for Unit 1 Members
    3. Please Help Jolene Dodge
    4. CUPE Ontario 2021 Online Summer School, June 19, Noon – 4:00 pm
  19. Good of the Union
  20. Adjournment

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Organizing Committee Meeting

Organizing Committee Meeting

April 14th, 2021 – 3:00pm.

Zoom Meeting ID: 735 932 2633

The Organizing Committee will be meeting via Zoom on April 14th at 3pm. We believe that a union is essential to improving wages, benefits, and working conditions. This committee forms when non-union workers seek to join our union. Why not stop by and learn more?

Join us!

Annual General Meeting Announcement

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Announcement

Wed, April 28th 5:00pm.

Zoom Meeting ID: 735 932 2633

The agenda includes the elections of:

*One Applied Health Sciences Steward.

*Three delegates to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Virtual Convention – June 16th-18th, 2021.

Join Us!

AGM April 28, 2021.
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April Executive Committee Meeting

Hello to the 4207 Membership!

Our April Executive committee Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Apr 12, 2021: 5pm-7:30pm.

These meetings are open to all members. We hope to see you there.

Zoom info below!

Tracy Kennedy

Membership Outreach Officer


Join the Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86249219978

Meeting ID: 862 4921 9978
You’ll be placed in a waiting room and admitted to the room by the host.

The Zoom Room opens at 4:30pm.

Mobile Options:
+16475580588,,86249219978# Canada
+17789072071,,86249219978# Canada
Dial by your location
+1 647 558 0588 Canada
+1 778 907 2071 Canada
+1 204 272 7920 Canada
+1 438 809 7799 Canada
+1 587 328 1099 Canada
+1 647 374 4685 Canada
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kys10b7zG

Member of the Month – March 2021

We are happy to introduce Agostino Menna, our Member of the Month of March!

Hi CUPE 4207 Team, my name is Agostino Menna.

Coming home to Brock! I am honoured to be part of a talented group of members of the CUPE 4207 community.

I did my undergraduate studies at Brock University and have many amazing memories of faculty, students and staff during my time here.

I began my involvement “post-student” as a TA in the faculty of business and later as a sessional instructor. I left the Brock community for several years and had positions at Ryerson University and Niagara University. I completed my PhD from the University of Toronto, my research interests are in entrepreneurship, innovation, economics and technology commercialization. I am currently employed with The Big Leaf (www.thebigleaf.com), a consulting firm from Toronto, I do valuations and due diligence for investor ready ventures, mainly at the early to late-stage phase of tech startups.

My involvement with CUPE 4207 stems from my deep-seated values of integrity and fairness for a just workplace for all members of society. I am particularly interested in antidiscrimination policies that relate to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and religion.   I am also committed to the eradication of poverty and addressing mental health issues in the Niagara community.

I steadfastly trust in the values of participation and contribution that intersect with our distinctive talents, presents our union a richer and more meaningful experience.

Special General Meeting

Wed. MARCH 10  at 3 pm

We hold this Special GMM to announce the newly elected officials. On March 8th, our scrutineers and our National Rep met to open the envelopes with ballots that our members have been sending to the CUPE Niagara Area Office during the last few weeks. We have counted the votes and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Elections brings the results to this special meeting.

AGENDA is short and simple!

The notification of a Bylaw amendment was given our last GMM. We will also be discussing and voting on it in this meeting.

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Working from Home tax credit

CUPE has prepared an info guide and Q&A on the new tax that applies to workers who due to the pandemic were forced to work from home.

“Any worker who worked from home more than 50 per cent of the time in 2020, for at least 4 consecutive weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic is eligible to claim the new tax credit. You can claim the deduction on line 22900, Other Employment Expenses, on your 2020 income tax return. The deduction applies to the 2020 taxation year only. It is designed to cover a portion of the costs associated with having a home office such as internet access fees, office supplies, cell phone minutes, electricity, and paid rent. ”

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