February GMM


Our February general meeting is after the reading week, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 at 3 pm in Welsh Hall room 207. 


  • Elections for two positions 
Business Steward (term ending April 30, 2019)
International Steward (term ending April 30, 2019)
for description of stewards’ duties, go to article 8 in our bylaws https://4207.cupe.ca/files/2018/10/Updated-Bylaws-May-2018.docx.pdf
  • Bargaining Update from Unit 1 and Unit 2 bargaining committees and Bargaining Research Committee
  • Voting on Proposed Bylaw Changes*   these proposed amendments are going to be discussed and voted on at this meeting.
  • Notice of Bylaw Changes. New. These amendments are to be voted on at March 2019 GMM (This is a work of the Policy, Bylaw and Finance Committee)
  •  TA Hours Tracking Tool
  • Report from delegates to the Ontario University Workers COordinating Committee – a sectorl committee [OUWCC] of CUPE Ontario. The conference is Feb 21 -24 and the members have elected 5 delegates.
  • Three books are going to be given away to lucky members in a draw: 1., 2, and 3.

*These bylaw proposals are going to be voted on separately:

Notice 1 – Benefits Committee proposal

Notice 2 – Vice President Duties

Notice 3 – Two-Year Term for President and Treasurer

Notice 4 – Vacancy/Recall Language


Micro Social # 6 CURLING

We are going curling on Saturday, March 30.

Email the union to reserve a spot.

Wear comfortanble clothing, running shoes and remember that the activity happens on ice! The temperature is much lower than in the gym ;-). Wear a comfortable warm jacket.

Here is a brief intro video (the slider for your shoe will be provided.) Come at 5:30 pm sharp as the instructions and training on ice take time before a game is played.




This rally make sfor an important show of opposition to recent changes to OSAP and to operations of student organizations as proposed by the Ontario PC government. Our local covers the cost of transportation to the rally. Email info@cupe4207.org if you want to go!

The proposed changes will hurt students and workers alike, and undermine the beneficial activities of student unions (at least the progressive student unions that work on staying independent from the university administration). Ancillary fees are still going to be levied if universities deem a project be financed form students’ personal pockets. Over those fees students have no say! Tuition fees are on the rise and the job market grows increasingly precarious. Students on OSAP are tremendously disadvantaged and once seeking a job in order to live are also encumbered with a loan to pay back, with a hefty interst. Collectively, students owe more than $28 billion to all governments across the country ( and an unknown amount in private loans).

This wave of rallies is a prelude to a larger battle workers must wage for a better society. The Ontario government is dead set on running human society on a for -profit business basis. Elementary education and health care are also on the chopping block for funding and slated to be privatized. Take a stand on this, inform yourself, and have your voice heard.

BOWLING! Micro Social # 6

Our Micro Social # 6 is on February 8 – Friday –  at 6 pm!

We are super excited to have a micro social at the bowling alley at Parkway Social on 327 Ontario Street in St. Catharines.

The lanes are booked for 6 pm and we have an hour (with the option to extend, depending on circumstances) so please show up on time 🙂

Interested members should email the union to claim their tickets. Because it is a MicroSocial the bowling includes cost of the lanes (six lanes) and rental of bowling shoes. Food and drink is excluded from the purchased package.

Email info@cupe4207.org to reserve a spot!


NOTICE: four proposals to amend bylaws

This is a notice of proposed amendments to our bylaws.

The amendments proposed affect four areas:

  •  Benefits Committee (entirely new language Article 19)
  • Vice Presidents Duties (added language)
  • Two terms of service for President and Treasurer (new concept)
  • Vacancy and recall language (new language)

These proposed changes are going to be discussed and voted on at our next General Membership Meeting  (date and location to be announced).

Unit 1 Health Benefits FAQ

  • How did this plan come about?
  • Who administers the plan?
  • Who underwrites the plan?
  • Does the plan apply to me?
  • Am I still eligible even though I am a Rand deductee?
  • How do I enroll?
  • Can I decline enrollment?
  • If I enroll, how is my information protected?
  • How can I get a copy of the plan details?
  • How do I submit claims?
  • Where can I direct questions about the plan?

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General Members Meeting Jan. 14th @ 4 PM

The GMM starts at 4 pm in Plaza 600F – a room with a nice view.

A big item on the agenda is OUWCC Conference. We will be electing five members to go as delegates to the conference in February 21 to 24 (reading week)

The OUWCC stands for Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee, a sectoral committee of CUPE Ontario. CUPE-organized workers at any Ontario university campus choose their campus representative for two years duration to serve on the OUWCC board and act as a liaison between the committee and the CUPE workers organized on campus. Each university CUPE local can choose to affiliate with the OUWCC and  send delegates to the conference of the university sector – the OUWCC conference.

The aim of the conference is to benefit form shared strength and experience under and one common employer — the university industry. The conference is held at the CUPE Ontario headquarters in Markham. Registration and accommodation is covered by our local.

80 Commerce Valley Drive East, Markham, ON L3T 0B2

We have had an interesting Fall term. It started on the rough note and continued so, mainly thanks to Workday which kept us frustrated and busy. In November we held a luncheon for workers of all unions on campus and non-unionized workers as well, to generate a productive feedback on Workday. The university took notice and promises changes to the system.

Four micro socials were held  in the Fall. Another, Micro Social # 5, one is on the way for January 19; this time for members with children.

We are heading into the bargaining season. Both Unit 1 and 2 contracts expire in 2019. At each of our October and November general meetings we have elected Unit 2 and Unit 1 Bargaining Committees.  Both committees have met at least once in preparation for bargaining. We have also added a new and a necessary component to the bargaining preparation process — the Bargaining Research Committee. Click on the Bargaining 2019 tab above to see the committees’ composition.