CUPE Members – Claim your 2022 OPIRG Brock Membership!

As a member of CUPE 4207, you are automatically an OPIRG Brock member! You just have to claim your membership. This will allow you to run for the OPIRG Brock Board of Directors, and vote in the board elections! 

  • To run in the Board election, you must claim your membership (and submit your application) is October 5th.
  • To vote in the election, you must claim your membership by October 12th.

Renew or register your membership using the 2022 Membership Form. Additional details can be found at www.opirgbrock.com/membership.

Action Group Updates

Niagara Tenants Union has launched a new Bad Landlord Reporting Form!

Use the Bad Landlord Reporting Form to share your experiences with bad landlords in Niagara. Need support or want to get involved with Niagara Tenants Union? Email them at niagaratenantsunion@gmail.com

Volunteer with Justice for Workers Niagara!

Justice for Workers Niagara is currently working on a long term campaign to secure two weeks paid sick leave for all employees at Brock! We are in need of volunteers and organizers to join the fight for decent work and fair wages at Brock and across Niagara.

Volunteering opportunities include everything from campus research to partnership building. To get involved, please email fairwagesniagara@gmail.com or DM them on their Instagram or Facebook page!

Niagara Reproductive Justice 


NRJ is raising funds to help folks in Niagara access abortion support!

See their fundraiser here or donate directly to them via e-transfer at niagarareproductivejustice@gmail.com.

Community Knowledge Sharing Tools:

If you see anti-choice activity in Niagara, please fill out NRJ’s Anti-Choice Activity in Niagara Reporting Form to help monitor and challenge anti-choice activity in the region. As part of this effort, they are also looking for volunteers for their Rapid Response Network!

Share your experiences with reproductive and sexual health resources in Niagara at https://bit.ly/sharewithNRJ and find a list of Niagara-based reproductive and sexual health resources on NRJ’s website.

To get in touch about volunteering, and to access or provide support, email NRJ at niagarareproductivejustice@gmail.com 

Resources, organizations and campaigns to check out:

Check out OPIRG Brock website main page for an up-to-date list of webinars, online events, petitions, fundraisers & rallies, and https://www.opirgbrock.com/community-groups for community groups to check out and support!

Local Provincial, Federal and international campaigns & resources to check out:

Shop OPIRG Brock’s Anti-Capitalist Gift List for rad gifts for activists!

Why partnership with OPIRG Brock?

All CUPE 4207 members are members of OPIRG Brock! This campus and community organization has been working on social, economic, and environmental justice since 1988, and currently hosts projects like the Niagara Free Store, Naloxone Workshops, the Community Toolbox Workshop Series, as well as publishing The DisOrientation Guide to Niagara V. 2. OPIRG Brock also works directly with community groups like Justice for Workers Niagara, Niagara Reproductive Justice, & the Niagara Tenants Union. For more information or to inquire about getting involved, please go to www.opirgbrock.com

As a CUPE 4207 member, you also have access to an OPIRG Brock annual membership! Working on a range of social, economic, and environmental justice initiatives at Brock and throughout the Niagara region since 1988, starting in mid-2020, the CUPE 4207 membership passed a motion to set up a more formal partnership between our 2 organizations!

OPIRG Brock currently hosts and supports a wide range of programs in the region and community groups in the region, as well as publishing community-based resources that are available for free on their website: www.opirgbrock.com.