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OPIRG Brock December 2020 Members Newsletter: www.mailchi.mp/c0bbc9b1a40b/opirgbrockdec2020mnewsletter

At the CUPE 4207 GMM on Tuesday November 24, 2020, OPIRG Brock completed their bi-annual presentation for the CUPE 4207 members, and there was a successful vote to extend our funding agreement under the Special Assessment Bylaw. The CUPE 4207 Policy committee will be working in the new year to establish clear policies related to future votes on this matter. Here is a copy of the OPIRG Brock November 2020 GMM Presentation.

2021 Membership Renewal


OPIRG Brock Board Vacancies

  • Want to become more involved with OPIRG Brock? One way to do this is to become a Board member! No previous experience being on a Board is necessary – just a passion for community activism & building up your skills!
  • If you are interested in applying for the OPIRG Brock Board of Directors for 2020-2021 please review and complete the OPIRG Brock 2021 Board Application. Instructions and requirements are listed in the application.



  • After a long awaited hiatus, we finally have some updates about the OPIRG Brock Free Store!
  • We are launching #NiagaraFreeStore as a separate IG account starting on January 1st, 2021. With this account, along with our website, we are hoping to help with getting our inventory out into use and providing a range of resources. When we launch this, we will be sending this to you all to share with your various networks.
  • We need volunteers! We have restructured our storage locker and are planning a lot of web & COVID-safe events for 2021 and are in need of a volunteer team to help with online aspects, planning, working at the storage locker, and help with events. To volunteer, please complete the OPIRG Brock 2021 Volunteer Form
  • Winter donations – If you know people with winter clothes donations, we are recommending people drop them off at Fine Grind Cafe or to Niagara’s Mobile Closet (who are also looking for other items too).

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