Stewards Council

The Stewards Council meets, discusses, and investigates matters arising from suspected or known breaches of the Collective Agreements as reported by members or observed by Faculty Stewards in their respective faculties and departments.

According to Article 8.4 in our bylaws, the Stewards Council is the Grievance Committee of the local. The Grievance Committee ensures employer compliance with the collective agreement, coordinates the processing of grievances, and makes recommendations to the Executive regarding arbitration of grievances and/or continued carriage of grievances.

As a Steward, your role is to watch and listen to what’s happening in your workplace/department on behalf of the local. You assist members in helping them to know their rights under our collective agreements and in communicating workplace concerns and potential grievances to the Chief Steward.

Stewards accompany the Chief Steward in Stage 1 grievance meetings.

Stewards’ Council Chair:

Brigitte Cecckin – Lead Steward, Unit 1

*Are you interested in becoming a Department Steward? Contact Brigitte for more information.