CUPE 4207 Directory

Find contact information for executive members, trustees, staff, & stewards!


Position Name Email
President Phil Wachel
VP Unit 1 Morgan Crosby
VP Graduate Students Lilian Nyarko
VP Unit 1 Instructors Tracy Kennedy
VP Unit 2 Donna Pearce
VP Unit 3 Georgina Keller
VP Unit 4 Monica Hlywka
Lead Steward Unit 1 Brigitte Cecckin
Lead Steward Unit 4 Rebecca LaRocca
Recording Secretary Ben Johnson
Treasurer Darrin Sunstrum
Membership Outreach Officer Tracy Kennedy
Equity Officer Stacyann Williams
Health & Safety Officer Mikko Kivisto


Name Email Term ends
Elizabeth D’Angelo April 30, 2025
Katia Benseba April 30, 2024
Jessica Srivastava April 30, 2026


Position Name Email
Media Relations Coordinator Kate Spiegel


Position Name Email
International Student Steward Kaho Nishibu
Instructor Steward Melissa St. Germaine-Small
Faculty of Humanities Elizabeth D’Angelo
Faculty of Social Sciences Vacant
Faculty of Math & Science Karl Grantham
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Drake Christie
Faculty of Business Vacant
Faculty of Education William Birrell
Unit 3 Steward John Vilella
Unit 4 Steward Amanda Singer

Departmental Stewards

Department Name Email
Canadian Studies Brian DeRuiter
Child & Youth Studies Nwakerendu Waboso
Ike Ikerinwu
Political Science Tim Fowler
Ron Walker
Labour Studies Karen Hofman
English Claire Thyne
Physics Parisa Rouzbazar

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