At the CUPE 4207 GMM on Tuesday November 24 at 4pm OPIRG Brock will be present to do their bi-annual presentation for the CUPE 4207 members. At this meeting, members will be able to participate in the review of the Special Assessment Bylaw.

On December 1, 2020, the team at OPIRG Brock will be sending out information to members to renew for the 2021 year, including an updated form for CUPE 4207 members to register their membership renewals. We will also be sending this form out via the CUPE 4207 newsletter!

More information about your membership can be found through the:

Current OPIRG Brock events & projects to check out:

  • DisOrientation Guide to Niagara – Resource book on community alternatives and ways to get involved written by OPIRG Brock, and a second volume is currently being written for 2021
  • Activist Animal Calendar – OPIRG Brock Fundraiser (amazing for all your pet-loving labour/ activist friends!) – Deadline to order is December 11 (Nov 30 if you need it shipped). You can order using the OPIRG Brock Activist Pet Calendar Order Form
  • Harm Reduction as Community Safety (includes a Narcan training, co-hosted by Positive Living Niagara & OPIRG Brock) – info coming soon!
  • Free Store Update – info coming soon!

Check out OPIRG Brock’s events, resource recommendations, and community events:


Why partnership with OPIRG Brock?