At the CUPE Ontario convention at the end of May, Sandy Hudson, a member of Black Lives Matter-Toronto, gave a presentation on their movement and organizing. Their movement seeks to hold authority accountable for their actions, educate both their community and the greater public, and end systemic racism and discrimination. After Hudson’s speech, locals from across the province pledged support in order to ensure that their important work can continue. Over $40,000 was raised for BLM directly on the convention floor!

CUPE Local 4207 values the work of Black Lives Matter.

As a grassroots organization, BLM’s only source of funding is through donations. Or local 4207 has donated $500 to Black Lives Matter Toronto to do our part to make sure their organizing work is sustainable. We too see the importance of combating racism, not only for our own members or within the labour movement, but within society. Whether through their work with Tent City or through their upcoming Freedom School for black youth, the dedication and perseverance of the organizers is commendable.

We encourage our membership to support organizations like Black Lives Matter that work toward creating a more equitable society. We are proud to support the movement as your Union, and will continue to work with groups to end discrimination both within and outside of our workplace.


 The Executive Committee of CUPE Local 4207 condemns the recent events involving silencing of two students’ complaints of sexual violence and sexual harassment at Brock University.
We are not prepared to tolerate the environment of secrecy and silencing that is found on the Brock campus.  Such an environment only fosters unsafe conditions for students and workers alike.
A university must be a positive space fostering cultures of safety and confidence in a welcoming, trustful, fair and expedient complaint process.
The failure of the Brock President and the Respectful Learning and Working Environment Policy to address complaints of sexual harassment only documents how inefficient and ineffective the university is in responding to complaints of such a serious nature. Can we trust the university administration and the RWLEP to act responsibly, protecting the campus community? Clearly not.
We support a safe Brock for everyone and demand action, not damage control.