General Members Meeting


gmm29sept2016Our first Fall Term GMM is on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Please Note Room Has Changed to PLAZA 409

View tentative AGENDA here. Items can be added at the meeting.

ASK THE BARGAINING TEAM ABOUT  DEVELOPMENTS IN BARGAINING. The meeting will happen after two rounds of Unit 1negotiations with the employer (September 22 and 23).

There will be free food!

Unit 2 settled

Full time Coordinators in ESL Services – UNIT 2 – ratified their Collective Agreement with the university on Friday afternoon, September 23.

Unit 1 remains in bargaining. Unit 1 bargaining team met with the employer three times with non monetary items on the table. This is the bargaining update. In order to know what is going on, come to the General Members Meeting on Sep. 29 and demand that the Bargaining Committee shares proposal language and employer’s response with you!

Dental Fund message from HR and Bargaining

Unit 1 members, check your email inboxes for a message from Human Resources about our dental fund (see pasted below). Members who are eligible to use the fund were contacted.

Who is eligible? You must be a member who taught 240 hours in the past, held a contract in the previous year (September to August) and does not participate in any other dental coverage plan.

What does it mean?

It means that many of our members who are not graduate students (more than a half of our membership) do not fit the criteria for the dental fund eligibility.

Moreover, the fund excludes coverage for dependants of those members who do qualify.

What does it really mean?

That we need a real benefit plan! Unit 1 is the largest employee group on campus and an employee group without a benefit plan. In order to do our jobs properly we need to be healthy, without carrying the burden of paying for necessary medical expenses.

This is an issue that our Unit 1 Bargaining Team addresses in negotiations with the employer.

Support our Bargaining Team! Let them know that you stand behind them.  #BetterBrock.

The U1 BT meets with the employer on September 22 and 23, and October 26 and 28. Continue reading

OCTOBER 1 Rally for Decent Jobs

Be part of a growing movement for decent work for all! Come out to the October 1st rally for Decent Work (1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Queen’s Park) to call for safe working conditions, decent hours, paid sick days & vacation, access to a union, $15 minimum wage, an end to the gender/racialized wage gap and much more!


FaceBook: Transportation from Niagara to the Rally for Decent Work

We want the Ontario government to implement strong labour laws for more than seven million working Ontarians across our province. There will be music, activities, and special guests at this family-friendly rally. The rally is being organized by the OFL’s Make It Fair Campaign and the $15 and Fairness Campaign – organizers are expecting 10,000 people!

The Niagara Regional Labour Council and Unions across Niagara are organizing buses to the rally. There is no cost to attend and light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!
Please reserve a seat by contacting NRLC V.P. Chris Grawey ( or 905-246-4273)


CUPE 4207 shares both the indignation and concern of the Brock community following the news of the mutual cancellation of the new president’s contract, a situation that could have likely been avoided had the search involved feedback from the staff and students and their respective associations. The failure on the part of the Board of Trustees to structure an appropriately transparent process to both find and retain new leadership legitimately puts that body’s actions into question.

Continue reading

Happy Labour Day

It’s back to work! 🙂

Welcome back and Hello new members:

The Local (this is short for CUPE local 4207 ) produced a newsletter that will be distributed in paper form on campus – watch for it in your department mailboxes.  This year is an exciting year. For new members, and also returning members, it is super important to know that Unit 1 is in bargaining. If you hold a position of a sessional Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Lab Demonstrator, Marker/Grader or a Course Coordinator,  you are represented by Unit 1 collective agreement  (a contract between the union and the employer), which expires on September 6. This means that the period of negotiating a new contract, called collective bargaining, is under way.

Unit 1 is the largest bargaining unit of our union, over 1,000 members strong.  There are many aspects of our working conditions that need to be improved, and this is the time when such an improvement can be achieved through negotiated language in a new collective agreement.

We have created a new website for bargaining updates only For a reference to what our members’ wish to change about our working conditions, check  out the list of concerns and priorities collected in a membership-wide survey conducted last January: Bargaining Priorities.

The ball is just starting to get rolling for Unit 1. Our bargaining team (members of Unit 1 who got elected at October General Membership Meeting [GMM] to represent members of Unit1 in negotiations) has been preparing for negotiations in the few preceding months and has met with the Employer for the first time on September 1. This first bargaining meeting is for introductions and to exchange proposals of the language each side aspires to have in the contract.

The work of the Bargaining Team now is to respond to Employer’s proposals.

There are three bargaining units in our local. Unit 2, a very small unit of ESL Coordinators, has entered negotiations already this summer and in fact, didn’t have a good run at it. The union filed for conciliation, which means a Ministry of Labour-appointed conciliator will attempt to get both sides closer together in resolving their differences. The conciliation is scheduled for September 21.

We are not alone in bargaining this year! Nine other academic locals are also negotiating new contracts. That’s why we have COAL! Coalition of Ontario Academic Locals. See the SOLIDARITY PACT if you haven’t already!

Your input and engagement in any form and shape is tremendously important. Do not hesitate to contact the local and start shaping our world 🙂

Have a productive semester!

Stay tuned.