General Membership Meeting

February 13th at 5 pm in Sankey Chamber


The Election of the Recording Secretary position advertized on our posting boards will be elected at our March GMM.

  • Bargaining, strike deadline, Strike Preparation Committee
  • Election of Unit 1 Bargaining Team Member (to fill in vacancy, duration from Feb 13 to ratification of new collective agreement)
  •  Election of 2 Delegates to the Canadian Labour Congress Convention, May 8-12, Toronto.
  • Bylaw amendment 16.3 Election of Delegates, amendment in bold.

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 Come to tonight’s SPECIAL GMM if you can, to help UNIT 1 bargaining team protect INSTRUCTOR JOBS!
The meeting is on one agenda item only (strike budget) but we also need to send a super strong message to our B.T. that the motion members made at November GMM needs to be honoured. We cannot be split by the employer, unity is of utmost importance- no loss of jobs for instructors!
See letter your fellow Instructor, unit 1 member sent last night: Continue reading


The Executive Committee is calling a SPECIAL GMM to discuss and approve STRIKE BUDGET. The tree days of Unit 1 conciliation held in January yielded no successful resolution to the differences between the union and the university.The two sides remain to be wide apart. In order for negotiations to move ahead we need to prepare for a labour action.

There will be no other item on the agenda.


Location: Sankey Chamber



On January 18th after our special GMM, and the whole day on January 19th, members of Unit 1 voted to send a message about their position on negotiations of Unit 1 collective agreement with the university.

  72% members voted YES and 27% voted NO.

Clearly, great majority of those who cast their vote disagree with claims that Brock is one of the top 10 employers in the region. The 72% indicated that they authorize the local to call a strike if necessary. How necessary depends on the employer. So far Brock refuses to equal the playing field to get our members closer to working conditions standards held at other universities for their contract instructors and TAs. Our non student members are without a health plan and graduate student members face zero compensation for rising cost of tuition, a provision in place at other campuses. Our pay severely lags behind the rising cost of living and falls short of provincial average in our sector. To add insult to injury, there are three tiers to Unit 1 pay scale. Our members work the same type of work for three different pays. The university thinks this is ok and should stay the way it is. The university also thinks not paying our members statutory holiday pay is ok.

There is no clear end in sight to this round of negotiations but we hope that the message is sent and the university will take it seriously.

Thank you all who participated in the vote. We have heard plenty of your concerns and encouragement today!





Media outreach

Unit 1 working conditions and employer’s expressed intransigence to address our concerns about job security, poverty wages, and benefits lead to an expose of the real working conditions of academic workers at Brock. Check out CUPE Ontario press release and an ad tomorrow in the St. Catharines Standard. Ads will be airing at several regional radio stations as well. United we stand, united we’ll win!



A letter to members was sent on Thursday, January 5, 2017 by Canada Post explaining the strike vote process. Click on the image to read.

The local is calling for a Special General Members Meeting to discuss UNIT 1 strike vote and the results of conciliation (taking place at the Four Point Sheraton across campus on January 10th and 11th).  There will be a secret ballot strike mandate vote upon adjournment of this special meeting until all attending members will have been given the chance to vote. The strike vote will continue the next day on January 19th at a table in Mackenzie Chown A hallway.


January 18th                    January 19th

 5 to 8 PM                         from 9 AM to 8 PM

 Pond Inlet                        MC A hallway

The other side of Brock

I’m sure you’ve read by now that Brock University is one of the top employers in the Hamilton-Niagara Region. But if you are a contract instructor or a TA then you probably work at a different side of Brock than the one Brock’s PR department presents.


You work at the Brock that pays poverty wages, among the lowest in Ontario for academic workers. You work at the Brock that makes you reapply for your job up to three times a year. You work at the Brock whose only benefit is a dental plan that amounts to $36/per person, and is only available on a first come first served basis.

We are trying to change that. We are trying to negotiate a new contract for academic workers that will bring Brock University one step closer to being a top employer for ALL workers, not just high-paid administrators.
To help us create a #BetterBrock email


Saturday December 17th

9 am to 4 pm (child care expenses for members attending the workshop will be covered by the local)

CUPE Niagara Regional Office

110A Hannover Drive

St. Catharines

This is a workshop for members interested to be involved and participate in mobilization of our members and the campus community for the Strike Mandate Vote in January and beyond. – This is the strike averting part.

You will also learn useful stuff, about strikes and picket lines – when they can legally happen, how it applies to our situation at Brock, what needs to be done leading into strike situation, and what happens once a local is on strike.


GMM and SOCIAL December 15

gmmdec15-2016Our last GMM of 2016 is on Thursday December 10th in Pond Inlet. A short GMM followed by a social, food and drink.

Strike Mandate Vote has been called for January 19th .

Come to discuss this important step in Unit 1 bargaining process!