SAM 24

Our local has seven tickets to give away to interested members for an annual event of the Workers Art and History Centre in Hamilton, Friday, November 8th from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The event is a commemorative dinner at Liuna Station in Hamilton. It is called Sam 24 because it is the 24th annual dinner and because Sam is the first name of the labour activist and politician Samuel Lawrence.
The WAHC organizers are notoriously creative in setting up a labour ‘trivia’ game related to the theme of the year. This is a good cause that comes with good times and good food too! If interested and committed to attend, email the union!

October GMM

Our October general members meeting is on MONDAY, October 28 at 4 pm in

we were notified on October 23 that our booking was changed to TH 255 – (a change from the former room in WH with the piano! ;-( ) But members are encouraged to bring their musical instruments and showcase their art never the less!

This is the meeting of your labour union where what’s going on for the past months is being discussed, what is important to members and for the functioning of the union is put on the agenda. While we have the agenda preliminarily set up it is also open for suggestions from you – the members!

We will be holding elections to fill the positions of Faculty Stewards:

  • Faculty of Applied Health and Science Steward
  • Faculty of Business Steward
  • Faculty of Math and Sciences Steward
  • Faculty of Education Steward
  • Elections for Unit 3 Bargaining Committee

For description of steward functions see our bylaws.   Excerpts are included below.

We will also be electing members who want to be delegates to two conferences:

Racial Justice and Human Rights Conference (December 9 – 12) in Toronto

Ontario Federation of Labour convention that runs between November 25 -29 in Toronto

You can run for the positions by having someone to nominate you at the meeting or emailing a note that you wish to be running for a position. … Read more…

Member of the Month

Our September Member of the Month is Fatemeh Salahi. Congratulations Fatemeh, and good luck on your future pursuits!

Fatemeh joined the union on September 2017 and since then she has participated in a range of Union events and activities such as health and safety training, local executive school, introduction to stewarding, etc. She also served as Math and Science steward in our local. Throughout the series of events, she has remained an active union member and contributed to them by speaking out for the members and representing their interest.

The experience with the Union, according to Fatemeh, has been a meaningful one. She is feeling both pleased and honored to be a part of the Union that, through speaking out and taking actions, truly pursues justice and equity. Fatemeh has demonstrated her teamwork and leadership in her involvement with the Union by exercising every opportunity to help others in time of need. The very fact that the Union takes care of the needs of diverse groups fits with her caring nature. Fatemeh explained that the Union has become like family to her, especially when she reflected on the warmth she received when she first joined the team and afterward. “Being involved with the Union is an enriching experience for me. It helped me to promote my personal and professional development and it gave me a great opportunity to grow my network with such knowledgeable and caring people.”

Fatemeh, as an experienced and devoted team member, encourages all members to continue contributing to the Union, because she witnessed how friendly, supportive, warm and passionate all the executive members and stewards are. She sincerely appreciates all the support that local 4207 offers to its members and hopes the Union can bring more positive changes to people.


On Thursday, Sep. 12,  we hold OPEN HOUSE in our office in MacChown C 402.

noon to 5 pm

Come by, tables will be full of food and soft drinks. It is an opportunity to see where your union office is, who are your reps and what is your role in your labour union.

We do have a brand new button maker and thus you can come to make buttons with design of your choice 😉

September GMM

We hold our General Members Meeting on the 17th at 5 pm in the Sankey Chamber.

We will be discussing the following items on the agenda, and any item you wish to bring up!

Bylaw and Policy Changes

At the July 18th meeting, a notification of proposed changes to our bylaws and policies was given. Here they are to be discussed and voted on.

Bargaining Updates


– for four open positions of Faculty Stewards (see our bylaws article 8)

  • Business
  • Math and Sciences
  • Applied Health Sciences
  • Education

– for five delegates to Health and Safety Conference Nov. 12-16

–  for one Trustee for the duration ending April 30, 2022 (for duties see our bylaws, article 7.11)

– to represent the local at CUPE National convention – we elect four delegates and ONE alternate = five members to go as delegates to the convention.


Our first pay day should be on September 20th. See the pay schedule here on our website:
Unless you have signed or will have signed your contract by September 12th, you are not going to be paid in September at all. If it is the case that you have a hard time getting access to Workday and hence to your contract, and/or you have not ‘signed’ it (by clicking on an orange button) yet, please contact the union and directly the Chief Steward to help getting your paycheck on time!

Member of the Month

In August, we have the pleasure to introduce Sabrina Hill. She offered her skills for the creation of our new logo, and is the photographer in chief of our Who is Who project.

Hello, my name is Sabrina Hill. I was born in Toronto, but moved to St. Catharines whilst in middle school. Being that I grew up in the area during my more formative years, Brock was always a top contender for my undergraduate studies. Though initially accepted into Brock’s Economics program, in my second year, I shifted gears to pursue the study of Politics and Law, two lifelong passions of mine. Read more…

Member of the Month – Neivin Shalabi

We are pleased to introduce new feature – each month we will present Member of the Month, an active and engaged member in good standing (elected positions are excluded from consideration).

The very first one for the month of July 2019 is Neivin Shalabi.

Neivin grew up in Egypt where she earned several degrees in English language and literature. She pursed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Denver, CO, USA. Neivin immigrated to Canada and came to Brock University as a visiting scholar in 2015.

She joined the Union in November 2018. Since then she has participated in several of its activities, including Leadership Essentials Training, CUPE Ontario Convention 2019, and cultural initiatives. “I appreciate the warm welcome I received from the Executive Board when I became part of CUPE Local 4207” said Neivin.

Reflecting on her involvement with the Union, Neivin noted, “My membership with CUPE has been an uplifting experience. I am pleased to be part of a union that adheres to shared governance principles and seeks to further the ideals of equity and dignity. I also treasure the professional development opportunities offered by the Union to boost its members’ capacities for achieving its mission of ensuring the welfare of its members. I encourage all members to engage actively in our local not only to access meaningful opportunities for growth and effecting positive change, but also to enjoy the companionship of a wonderful group of talented and friendly professionals constituting the Executive Board who are willing to share their sincere advice and technical expertise.”

Capitalizing on her prior work on diversity and inclusion, Neivin aspires to continue her effort to advance equity and justice through collaboration with CUPE Local 4207.


We hold a General Membership Meeting on

Thursday, July 18 at 5 PM in ST (Academic South) 202

Agenda includes:

Unit 1 Bargaining Committee report

Elections to fill vacant positions:

  • Applied Health Science Steward
  • Business Steward
  • Trustee term ending April 30, 2022.

Change of bylaws notice.