Unit 1

Unit 1 – Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Graders, Lab Demonstrators

Last Bargaining Update:

November 5, 2020: The Memorandum of Settlement was ratified by both parties and thus the newly negotiated language is included in the Unit 1 Collective Agreement (Sep 7, 2019 – Sep. 6, 2022), effective immediately. This concluded the 17 months of negotiations with the employer in this round of collective bargaining.

Bargaining Research Committee

Terms of Reference was created: BRC TOR

Phil Wachel (Recording Secretary) is the elected chair of the BRC and Leila Meskine (VP Unit 1). There will be one seat open (Darrin Sunstrum has moved to the Bargaining Committee), which will be revisited at the January 2022 GMM. If you’d like to reach out to the BRC, you can email the team:  brc@cupe4207.org

Bargaining Committee 2022

At the GMM on Thurs, Nov 18th, Darrin Sunstrum, Stacyann Williams (Grad Student member), Tracy Kennedy, and Brigitte Cecckin were nominated and acclaimed as members of the Unit 1 Bargaining Committee. The President, Nathan Cecckin, is automatically a Unit 1 Bargaining Committee member. There is one vacancy on the Unit 1 Bargaining Committee, which will be revisited at the January 2022 GMM.