Benefits Committee

Our CUPE 4207 Benefits Committee for 2020/21:

Brian Deruiter (Chair)
Nathan Cecckin (4207 President)
Darrin Sunstrum (4207 Treasurer)
Leila Meskine (4207 VP U1)
Phil Wachel (4207 Recording Secretary)
Gerry Boily (Member & Delegate)
Elizabeth D’Angelo (4207 Humanities Steward)

Recent Benefits Survey Results, Nov. 2020:

2020 Benefits Survey Results

Some background on 4207 health benefits:

A health benefit plan has become available in the Fall 2017 for Unit 1 members who are not graduate students. The benefit plan was negotiated for the latest Unit 1 collective agreement*. Finally, since 1998 when our local was certified, the TAs, instructors, lab demonstrators, marker/graders and course-coordinators who are not graduate students, achieved some modest form of real health benefits. It is a good start!

2016 – 2019 period: The university agreed to contribute $100,000 each year of the duration of the Unit 1 contract (2016-2019, three years) towards a health benefit plan. This agreement was inserted as a Letter of Understanding on page 45 in the Unit 1 collective agreement .

2019 – 2022 period: The newly negotiated Collective Agreement also contains Letter of Understanding with the increased funding for each of the years: year 1 – $176, 000; year 2 -$177,760; and year 3 – $179,538.