NOTICE: four proposals to amend bylaws

This is a notice of proposed amendments to our bylaws.

The amendments proposed affect four areas:

  •  Benefits Committee (entirely new language Article 19)
  • Vice Presidents Duties (added language)
  • Two terms of service for President and Treasurer (new concept)
  • Vacancy and recall language (new language)

These proposed changes are going to be discussed and voted on at our next General Membership Meeting  (date and location to be announced).

General Members Meeting Jan. 14th @ 4 PM

The GMM starts at 4 pm in Plaza 600F – a room with a nice view.

A big item on the agenda is OUWCC Conference. We will be electing five members to go as delegates to the conference in February 21 to 24 (reading week)

The OUWCC stands for Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee, a sectoral committee of CUPE Ontario. CUPE-organized workers at any Ontario university campus choose their campus representative for two years duration to serve on the OUWCC board and act as a liaison between the committee and the CUPE workers organized on campus. Each university CUPE local can choose to affiliate with the OUWCC and  send delegates to the conference of the university sector – the OUWCC conference.

The aim of the conference is to benefit form shared strength and experience under and one common employer — the university industry. The conference is held at the CUPE Ontario headquarters in Markham. Registration and accommodation is covered by our local.

80 Commerce Valley Drive East, Markham, ON L3T 0B2

We have had an interesting Fall term. It started on the rough note and continued so, mainly thanks to Workday which kept us frustrated and busy. In November we held a luncheon for workers of all unions on campus and non-unionized workers as well, to generate a productive feedback on Workday. The university took notice and promises changes to the system.

Four micro socials were held  in the Fall. Another, Micro Social # 5, one is on the way for January 19; this time for members with children.

We are heading into the bargaining season. Both Unit 1 and 2 contracts expire in 2019. At each of our October and November general meetings we have elected Unit 2 and Unit 1 Bargaining Committees.  Both committees have met at least once in preparation for bargaining. We have also added a new and a necessary component to the bargaining preparation process — the Bargaining Research Committee. Click on the Bargaining 2019 tab above to see the committees’ composition.

Questions for the University and a demand to disaffiliate from Chamber of Commerce

Today, our local sent a letter to president Fearon, inquiring about the role of Brock University in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce [OCC], and calling for its withdrawal from the OCC. The OCC lobbied the Ontario government to repeal worker-friendly provisions contained in Bill 148 that amended three regulatory regimes in Ontario: the Employment Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Labour Relations Act. These amendments lasted barely a year before the PC government of Doug Ford destroyed these amendments by passing Bill 47.

“Despite widespread outrage across the province, the PCs privileged the pro-business agenda of the OCC and forced through changes that would weaken rights for the most vulnerable. If Brock University claims to be among the top employers in Hamilton-Niagara, it needs to clarify whether it supports weakening minimum protections for workers in this province. What part did the Administration of Brock play in framing the OCC’s demands?

“CUPE 4207 calls on Brock University to denounce the changes brought by Bill 47 to the Employment Standards Act, and to cease membership in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.”

The whole letter can be read here.


At our November general meeting five members were elected to Unit 1 Bargaining Committee. Collective bargaining process begins for us now with preparations that involve research, outreach and mobilization.

The Bargaining Research Committee should be established by the end of this month and begin running in January 2019. The BRC committee helps the Bargaining Committee formulate proposals and negotiate once we start meeting the employer early next summer. Please refer to our posting below. where we call for interested and committed members to become members of the BRC.

The Unit 1 Bargaining Committee members are:

Gerry Boily, Michael Curran, Leila Meskine, Darrin Sunstrum, and Ian Wood. The local’s president, Phil Wachel is the sixth member of the committee ex officio (this means that according to our bylaws, by his function in the union as a president of the local, the president becomes automatically a BC member but has no vote).

Results of Nov.5 All Union Town Hall on Workday

On November 5, All Unions Luncheon was held in the Pond Inlet to discuss the impact of Workday. We have transcribed the plentiful compilation of problems and solutions that were jotted down on sheets of flip chart paper at every table. For the document click here.

On Monday and Tuesday, November 26 and 27, the flip chart sheets will be displayed at a table in MC A hallway. We welcome passerby to share their Workday experience.


Bargaining Research Committee – call for members

The creation of the NEW Bargaining Research Committee has been moved and passed at our October GMM.

The Bargaining Research Committee would be comprised of four members.

The method of filling in the positions is by appointment by the Executive Committee.

The task of the BRC is to gather information, and process and analyze data that are beneficial to the Bargaining Committee’s work to help craft and support an argument in order to secure better contractual language.

Interested members are encouraged to apply by emailing by December 10th.

Please include a brief statement of intent to run for this committee.

BRC members will be appointed by the EC by the end of December. The work of the newly formed committee will begin on January 1, 2019.  Members receive monthly honorarium of $200, until the Unit 1 collective bargaining period is concluded.