At our November general meeting five members were elected to Unit 1 Bargaining Committee. Collective bargaining process begins for us now with preparations that involve research, outreach and mobilization.

The Bargaining Research Committee should be established by the end of this month and begin running in January 2019. The BRC committee helps the Bargaining Committee formulate proposals and negotiate once we start meeting the employer early next summer. Please refer to our posting below. where we call for interested and committed members to become members of the BRC.

The Unit 1 Bargaining Committee members are:

Gerry Boily, Michael Curran, Leila Meskine, Darrin Sunstrum, and Ian Wood. The local’s president, Phil Wachel is the sixth member of the committee ex officio (this means that according to our bylaws, by his function in the union as a president of the local, the president becomes automatically a BC member but has no vote).

Bargaining Notice Info Party


2 – 6 PM in front of Schmon Tower

Unit 1 will serve notice to bargain — this will commence collective bargaining of our largest bargaining unit.  If you’re on campus come to the table outside of Schmon Tower. Get a cupcake or two, share your perspective, learn what the bargaining process entails.

Cupcakes, sparkling juice, and smiles shared for free!