Letter of support for Unit 3

Unit 3 ESL Instructors are struggling to reach a *fair* collective agreement. Brock University Faculty Association wrote a supporting letter in solidarity with the instructors’ struggle to reach a fair collective agreement.

Members of CUPE 4207, Unit 3

The BUFA Executive supports the members of CUPE 4207, Unit 3, in their contract negotiations for a strong and favourable new contract with the Brock University Administration. We call on the Administration to recognize the importance of the work done by the members of this CUPE unit to the mission of Brock and accord them the respect and dignity that they deserve. We also expect the Administration to make decisions that are pedagogically sound in practice.Read more…


We have encountered an impasse at conciliation at the end of February, and requested “no board report” to be filed by a conciliator with the Ministry of Labour. This has been done and the MOL stamped the no-board notice March 2. This means that our strike deadline is legally set 17 days from March 2nd – MARCH 19!

Again, it does not mean we are going to strike. It all depends on the result of two more days of conciliation leading to the strike deadline – March 17 and 18th. But we need to be prepared and among other things, do this:

Picket Captain training
This training will be conducted on campus in the following week (MARCH 9 – 13). It is about three hours long and it will include food!
Who can become a picket captain? Any member who is confident to be the go-to person for the 4 hour duration of their picket shift, and who can keep the picket running and reasonably organized.
What do Picket Captains do? Check out this manual to have an idea. Do not worry, the training will boost your confidence to undertake it 😉

Please email the union ASAP so we can include you in the scheduling for this training! info@cupe4207.org

Sign up for Strike Pay
This CUPE National form – Strike Pay Application Tally Sheet –  is available in our office MC C 402, or anywhere the Strike Mobilization Committee members bring the form with them for signing, if you want the financial boost of a strike pay when picketing!
CUPE National Strike Fund covers the regular academic workers’ strike pay — $300 for 20 hours of picketing per week. Our local will top up to $400 a week from our own Strike Fund.
Please be mindful that the longer the picket line the shorter the strike! In other words, the more people on the picket line the shorter the strike and the the more pressure is on the employer to settle!

To ensure there is even dispersion of members per picketing shift, the 20 hours per week are divided into five 4 hour shifts.*

Sign up for Strike-Related Committees
A strike is a complex undertaking and the very important elements of it, such as being safe, are coordinated and carried out by the many union members who are committed to make our university run better and fair!
This Word document  can be filled in and emailed back to us, or printed out and sent/brought to us in MC C402. If the office door is closed, there is the big wooden mailbox you can drop it in (office hours for the March 9 – 13th week are posted below).

* If you are coming from other regions to work at Brock, CUPE National is willing to make exception for alternate hours scheduling of picketing, but that needs to be indicated on the Strike-Related Committees form! If your condition prevents you from walking, please let us know so you can be accommodated in alternate picketing duties.

The union office will be open next week for forms signing and their drop off, for inquiries and updates. We will have refreshments there as well – yummy snacks and soft drinks!

The OFFICE IN MC C 402 is going to be open on

MONDAY March 9:  1 pm  – 5 pm

TUESDAY March 10:  12 pm – 4 pm

WEDNESDAY March 11:  9 am – 2 pm

THURSDAY March 12: 1 pm – 4 pm

FRIDAY March 13:  12 pm – 5 pm


The members spoke – 
85% YES votes!

We have just finished counting the strike mandate vote ballots in the presence of our CUPE National Representative.

Eighty five percent of the ballots were YES votes. Where do go from now?
Unit 1 Bargaining Committee will deliver this strong message to the employer. We are not meeting at the bargaining table in February. There are two days, February 20th and 28th, scheduled for conciliation. The 85% strike mandate will be a powerful leverage the BC will being to the conciliator.

Conciliation is another legal step in the bargaining process that either party requests when negotiations come to impasse. We have requested conciliation in December. The strong YES vote should help to keep bargaining moving ahead in the presence of the conciliator.

Unit 1 Bargaining Priorities Ratification


We, Unit 1 members, still have an outstanding set of priorities to vote on.

Let’s get together on Tuesday, MAY 7 at 4 pm in Academic South 216, to discuss the presented priorities and vote on them. The Unit 1 Bargaining Committee has held a few meetings in the beginning of April for members to discuss, identify and select bargaining issues that would guide and shape the set of demands in negotiations.

Yet, these priorities still need to be ratified by you, the member. We have a tough stretch ahead of us and without pulling our diverse strengths collectively, we will end up poorer and even more precarious than we currently are. The potential for change resides with us!


Unit 1 Bargaining Priorities meetings

After processing results from Unit 1 bargaining surveys the Unit 1 Bargaining Committee calls on three  general members’ meeting on bargaining priorities  The most pressing workplace issues are going to be presented and discussed at two meetings on April 2 and 4, and the fleshed out priorities voted on at the April 10 meeting.

Bargaining Priorities meetings

Tuesday April 2:  11 am to 2 pm in TH 247


Thursday April 4:  12 pm to 3 pm in STH 215

Bargaining Priorities Ratification meeting (will vote on the priorities) is on

Wednesday April 10: 1 pm to 4 pm in Thistle 242


Here is an opportunity to get together, have some great lunch prepared by CUPE 1295 and chat about our working conditions – concerns that would provide feedback and support for our bargaining team.

From 12:00 noon to 2 pm in Sankey Chamber on Tuesday March 12.

Spread the word, talk to your fellow coworkers. There is a strength in finding common interest and experience.



Unit 1 Bargaining Survey

The bargaining survey has been emailed directly from Survey Monkey to members on February 27th. If you have not received it, please contact info@cupe4207.org or ext. 4766.

Our union began the bargaining process with the election of your Bargaining Committee (us!) at the November GMM. Bargaining will commence over the Summer prior to the expiry of our agreement in September.

Given the cutbacks to funding initiated by the Conservative Government, this round of bargaining will most likely prove challenging. However, the more members are involved, the stronger we will be in negotiating a fair and better collective agreement that recognizes the work that we do while providing the resources necessary to do that work.

Read more…


At our November general meeting five members were elected to Unit 1 Bargaining Committee. Collective bargaining process begins for us now with preparations that involve research, outreach and mobilization.

The Bargaining Research Committee should be established by the end of this month and begin running in January 2019. The BRC committee helps the Bargaining Committee formulate proposals and negotiate once we start meeting the employer early next summer. Please refer to our posting below. where we call for interested and committed members to become members of the BRC.

The Unit 1 Bargaining Committee members are:

Gerry Boily, Michael Curran, Leila Meskine, Darrin Sunstrum, and Ian Wood. The local’s president, Phil Wachel is the sixth member of the committee ex officio (this means that according to our bylaws, by his function in the union as a president of the local, the president becomes automatically a BC member but has no vote).