Solidarity vibes at our rally on April 4th

We have gathered, talked and planned at the solidarity rally this morning at the International Centre. Unit 4, Clinical Nursing Instructors, are having their bargaining conciliation on April 4th and 5th.

Conciliation is a legally mandated step before a bargaining unit can be in legal position to strike.

Here is the recent article written by Brock Press




Solidarity Rally for UNIT 4 Clinical Nursing Instructors

Our local is holding a rally for Clinical Nursing Instructors on April 4th at 9 – 11 am in the International Centre (GLB).

The CNIs are our newly minted Unit 4. They came to an impasse in negotiating their very first collective agreement.

Unit 1 and 2/3 are helping prepare for a labour action should the conciliation yield no fairness in contract language regarding wages. The responsible approach for Brock would be to pay the CNIs adequately to avoid high turnover. This is benefiting neither the workers nor the students.
The Clinical Nursing Instructors are doing the job of registered nurses in patient care but with the additional responsibility of supervising and teaching a student whose practical and theoretical education they facilitate, grade and provide feedback for. The provisions in their collective agreement must reflect this hard work!



Unit 3 Bargaining Update

Unit 3 ratified the tentative deal on December 20 with a 100% ‘yes’ vote.

The Brock Board of Trustees ratified the agreement the next day, so with that, Unit 3 Bargaining has officially concluded.

The new Collective Agreement will be posted on the CUPE 4207 website around the middle of January.

Unit 3 Tentative Agreement Reached

Great news: After 5 months of bargaining, the Unit 3 Bargaining Committee has signed a tentative deal with the employer. The contract changes will be discussed and voted on at a Ratification Meeting on Tuesday, December 19. The location and time of the vote will be communicated to all ESL Instructors shortly. Thank you to the bargaining committee for your hard work!

Unit 3 Bargaining Committee Update

Read the following update from the Unit 3 bargaining team! (PDF format)

Dear Unit 3 Member,
Your Bargaining Committee has met with the employer for the last two days. The employer has proposed some ambitious proposals which we are working through.

The Team is calling a Unit meeting for Thursday, July 27 @ 5:00 pm (Room on the East Campus: TBA). We will present an update to ensure a consistent and joint message. We would appreciate you holding your questions until this meeting so that no miscommunication occurs.

Phil, CUPE 4207 President (on behalf of your Unit 3 Bargaining Committee)

Unit 4 Bargaining Priorities Update

Read the following update from the Unit 4 bargaining team! And go to the Unit 4 Bargaining page to stay up to date and learn more about the team!

June 23, 2023
Dear CNI (and CUPE 4207, Unit 4 member).
We are creating momentum as members of our newly formed union. Your bargaining committee members have been busy attending various CUPE training events so that we can effectively represent the members at the bargaining table.

We have had attendance or have plans to attend the following-
June 15th “Mobilizing for Bargaining and preparing for Bargaining” module
June 22nd “Special General Members Meeting”
July 4th “Note Taking module”.

Additionally, we are so pleased to announce that the Unit 4 Bargaining Survey was completed. Thank you to the members for their input in deciding key Bargaining Priorities. After reconciling the results of the Survey, a Unit 4 meeting was held on June 20th to present the data to the members. The key Priorities were highlighted and accepted unanimously by the members.

Stay tuned for further updates as we work to solidify the Bargaining Priorities into Proposals.

In Solidarity,
Your Unit 4 Bargaining Committee

Unit 4 Bargaining Survey

Clinical nursing instructors: Fill out the unit 4 bargaining survey!

The link to the survey has been sent to U4 members. Didnt get it? Email survey will be open until June 7th. Your response informs what issues we will bargain for in the first U4 collective agreement. Respond for a chance to win a prize in our draw!