Mobilizing and Organizing Committee

The Mobilizing & Organizing Committee is a working committee of the local. It is formed about the time the Bargaining Team is elected at a General Members Meeting. The MO serves as a liaison between the Bargaining Team and members. Its goal is to mobilize members by providing information to members of the state of bargaining and organizing mobilization campaigns.

Mobilization/Bargaining Support Committee Co-Chairs:

Mary Onyekwelu –
Mark Omiecinski –

From the Bylaws:

12.6 Bargaining Support Committee
(a) At least three (3) months before the Local is undertaking bargaining for the renewal of a Collective
Agreement, the Executive shall strike a Bargaining Support Committee and shall appoint an Executive
member to Chair that committee. In the event that a successful strike vote is held per Article 13, the the
Bargaining Support Committee shall become the Strike Committee.

(b) In addition to the chair, the Bargaining Support Committee shall consist of four (4) Elected members
of the membership, and all units that are to be in bargaining must have the opportunity to have at least
one (1) member elected to the position. The election shall occur at a General Membership Meeting. All
members are welcome to participate in the Bargaining Support Committee, though only members who
are elected shall be deemed to have voting rights. The Bargaining Support Committee may opt to use
other democratic decision-making models at their meetings with the consensus of all Bargaining Support
Committee members.

(c) The Bargaining Support Committee shall be responsible for:

(i) Holding regular meetings (at least once per month) to discuss bargaining mobilization-related

(ii) Organizing among the membership, the University, and the community in support of the Local’s aims
in bargaining;

(iii) Producing resource guides, forms, protocols, and procurement strategies that may be referred to by
a Strike Committee, and;

(iv) Coordinating the production of communiques and releases with the Membership Outreach Officer,
Bargaining Committee(s), and Executive Committee.

(d) The Bargaining Support Committee members shall receive book-off when requested in order to
perform the duties of the Bargaining Support Committee