Seniority Dates

UNIT 1  CUPE4207 U1 Seniority List February 2022

According to article 16.01 (e) of Unit 1 Collective Agreement, “a seniority list shall be maintained by the Human Resources Department and shall be updated three times per year, in June, October and February.”

UNIT 2  Seniority List May 1 2022

In article 16.03 (b) and (c) of the Unit 2 Collective Agreement, seniority list is to be forwarded by the employer to the union every year on May 1st.

UNIT 3 CUPE 4207 Unit 3 Seniority List – November 1, 2021

In Unit 3 Collective Agreement, article 16.03 (b) and (c),  seniority list shall be updated and forwarded to the union on June 1st and November 1st of each year.