Health & Safety Info and Forms

New members who have just been hired by Brock to work in one (or more) of the jobs that are represented by our union, need to take a health and safety training and be paid for it!

The health and safety training is mandatory by law (a regulation in the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act). The workers must be paid for the time spent in the training.

Brock provides the training only online and pays for

  • 1 hour of Health and Safety Awareness training,
  • 30 minutes for Workplace Violence training,
  • 1 hour of training about Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act [AODA] (all three modules). This totals to 2.5 hours of pay for the training.

The training is on Sakai. You must notify your designated departmental administrative assistant that you have completed the training in order to receive your compensation (there is a link for this step at the end of each training session).

Important to note: Your department must create a separate contract aside of the one you have signed for teaching.

Here is a short slide-format information on the role of the labour union at our workplace. It includes information on our Health and Safety Committee and the mandatory health and safety training.

CUPE Ontario Coronavirus information sheet for the university sector

Workplace H&S Qs and As


Injury Incident Form

Slip Trip Fall Form


Members in the Sciences:


SCIENCE WORKERS First Aid Training 

SCIENCE WORKERS FREE Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Training

Health and Safety Officers

Health, Safety and Wellness Committee