Member Recognition

Unit 1 Member Recognition & Appreciation Awards

 Dear CUPE 4207 Unit 1 Member,

Your Executive Committee would like to share a new initiative that was created for longstanding CUPE 4207 members, and supported by a General Membership vote in Winter 2022.

In 1998, Brock University Instructors, Course Coordinators, Teaching Assistants, Marker/Graders, and Lab Demonstrators became part of a certified bargaining unit to formulate CUPE 4207 Unit 1. Since that time, Unit 1 has continued to grow as university enrollment further expands.

In the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter term, CUPE 4207 Unit 1 had over 1300 members working active contracts, and approximately 800 members without contracts. We have a good size union membership with numerous Unit 1 members who have been working at Brock for many years.

Over the years, the Executive Committee and Unit 1 members continued to notice that Unit 1 members were not recognized for their years of service at Brock University as academic contract workers. Indeed, workplace respect was one of the top priorities that emerged from the recent Bargaining Survey. Each year, numerous Brock employees and staff are acknowledged for their longstanding service, and deservedly so.

However, many Unit 1 members have been working with these same employees and staff members for the same amount of time, and sometimes longer. Although we are academic contract workers who continuously apply to positions each term and year and re-hired, there are many Unit 1 members who have spent many years and decades teaching, facilitating, and evaluating students – without adequate acknowledgment.

We are grateful that the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation has provided a platform to recognize and award the outstanding work that some of our Unit 1 members do. But, rarely are longstanding Unit 1 service contributions acknowledged or recognized in our workplace, despite the importance of seniority in our local union. Unfortunately, that is the nature of precarious academic work.

We know that our work is essential to the University functioning and thriving successfully.  Although this might not be fully acknowledged or recognized in the University community, we know that our students appreciate us and our contributions, as do our Unit 1 peers and co-workers. Importantly, the CUPE 4207 Executive Committee appreciates and respects the contributions you made and continue to make in our academic workspace. You have not gone unnoticed.

A longstanding member service recognition and award initiative was created as a way to publicly and formally recognize our longstanding members, their years of service, and the work that they contribute to the University. A ‘Service & Awards Committee’ will continue this initiative yearly, and we hope to celebrate in person next year and make it a special evening dinner event.

This year we are recognizing 173 members who have been with CUPE 4207 Unit 1 and working at Brock University between ten and nineteen years with a certificate of appreciation. Forty-one Unit 1 members have worked twenty or more years at Brock University and will receive a special award of recognition.

On behalf of the CUPE 4207 Executive Committee, I would like to sincerely thank all of our longstanding members for their many years of service to CUPE 4207. We appreciate the work that you do and the contributions you make to the larger academic community.

Sincerely and in solidarity,

Tracy Kennedy, Vice President Unit 1 (Pro-Tem Aug 2022)

and the 2022-2023 CUPE 4207 Executive Committee


CUPE 4207 Unit 1 Service Awards


Over 30 Years

Susan Jonsson-Ninniss

Marc James

Over 25 Years

Axel Gerhard

Caroline Stikkelbroeck

Caroline Starrs

Luciano Soligo

Mary Campbell

Pat Moore

Over 20 years

John Barkans

Tracy Kennedy

James Bell

Lena Malloy

William Boehlen

Carole Moss

Katharine Book

Dinah Nichol

Nadine Brundrett

Colleen Pielechaty

Suzanne Burchell

Beatrix Prinsen

J. Rodney Bush

Mitzi Seifried

Brigitte Cecckin

Michael Smith

Alisa Cunnington

Harvey Stevens

Michael Curran

Tammy Stewart

Cale Fairchild

Tracy Stewart

Carolyn Finney

Jane Storie

Judith Graham

Robert Taylor

Karen Hofman

Diane Van Riezen

Krista Hrin

Cornelis VanderMeer

Nancy Ihasz

Timothy White

10 years to 19 years

Laura Ricciuto Jingtao (Teresa) Feng Maja Milakovic Zarah Sadruddin
Jennifer Ajandi Monique Finley Carolyn Mackenzie Refik Saskin
Donna Akrey Timothy Fowler Michael MacKinnon Joe Scaringi
Dan Ane John Futers Meredith MacLeod Katja Schirmeister
Joshua Augustino Nathalie Gauthier Azzam (Sam) Mahboob Jo-Anne Sinnige-Egger
Kaytlin A Bailey Alexandra Glenn Roelof G Makken Melissa St.Germaine-Small
Renee Baillargeon Scott Golem Patrick Maloney Nancy A Stefureak
Julie Baker Megan Kathleen Gordon Hayam Mansour Lewis G Stevenson
Larissa Barelli Natalie K Gorejko Daryna Marei Darrin Sunstrum
Daniel R Barnowski Shannon Groot-Kostuk Deborah Marshall Jason Sykes
Andre Basson Laura Hamilton Holly May Alejandro Tanaka
Amanda Bering Vanessa Hamilton Arnold J Mcbay Wan Xiang Fu Tang
Laura Birkett Indra Hardeen Peter McComie Trudy Tattersall
William J Birrell Laura Harris Terrance Mcdonald Adrian Thiessen
Courtney Bishop Jodielynn Harrison Wendy Mcfadden-Smith Susan Tkachuk
Geoff Black J Stephen Hartman Kevin McGuiness Laura Lee Tobicoe
Candice Bogdanski Joanne Heritz Patrick D Mcilroy Jody Toetenel
Philip Ray Borland Maximiliano Holten-Andersen Charmaine McKnight Brad Troup
Lorene Bourgeois Karen Howie Donald McLean Saima Usman
Donald Brooks Marlie Huisman Lauren McNamara Jackie L VanLankveld
Ivan Brown David Hurst Natasha Mellikov-Delong Mari Carmen Veci
Theresa Bukovics Biljana Indovski Maja Milakovic Nicholas Vesprini
Isabell Camillo Alison Innes Richard Ndayizigamiye Michelle Vosburgh
Holly Catalfamo Jennifer Janke-Predovich Anna Nguyen Philip Wachel
Nathan Cecckin Anton Jansen Melissa Nichol Bradley Walchuk
Joashub Chitsinde Robyn Joffe Andreea Nicolau Kent W Walker
Ivan Chow Divya Joshi Laila Obied Ron Walker
Jeffrey Cornelissen Zoltan Kalman Patrick O’Hara Denis Wall
Lindsay Cramp Courtney Keogh Jeff O’Leary Tobias Wiegand
Lauren Cripps Candice Leigh Kerling John Orth Paul Williams
William Crothers Clelia Kimana Monika Ovsonka Carolyn Windsor
Donovan D’Amboise Cindy Ko Sarah Parker Ellyse Winter
Elizabeth D’Angelo Michael Koski Kristin Patterson Beate Wolf
Laureen Damignani Elizabeth Kovacs Robert Paugh Kelly Wolf
Brian de Ruiter Sandra Kroeker Donna Pearce Darryl Wood
Christopher J Demeter Andrea Krueger Josée Pépin Ian Wood
Michael Dimatteo Jennifer Lackey Mario Pizzacalla Barbara Worthy
Jillian Ditillio Jesse Larone Darren Platakis Pei Lian Xie
Susan Down Melissa Legree Abeeda Anjoom Pooja Abdelbaset Yagubi
Monica Drenth Carol Leishman Sara Posen Nem Zekanovic
Monica Dufault Nicole Lemieux Christina Quintiliani Guolei (Chris) Zhang
Anzhela Dzyundzyak Amanda Lepp Mojtaba Hedaytzadeh Razavi Xin Zheng
Timothy R Fast Kevin MacDonald Jeffrey Reichheld
Tracy Fazzari