Unit 1 Health Benefits FAQ

  • How did this plan come about?
  • Who administers the plan?
  • Who underwrites the plan?
  • Does the plan apply to me?
  • Am I still eligible even though I am a Rand deductee?
  • How do I enroll?
  • Can I decline enrollment?
  • If I enroll, how is my information protected?
  • How can I get a copy of the plan details?
  • How do I submit claims?
  • Where can I direct questions about the plan?

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Health Benefits Survey

In September, we have introduced Health and Dental Benefits plan, negotiated at the last round of Unit 1 bargaining. This plan addresses the health needs of our members who are not graduate students and historically had no access to health benefits at Brock.

To understand our members needs better, the underwriter of our plan, Canadian Benefits Consulting Group, prepared a survey, linked below. It would take only about 5 minutes of your time to fill in (10 questions and a comment box). Please complete the survey before the Fall term is over. The survey answers are anonymous; if you chose not to answer a question, simply leave it blank.


Your contributions to the survey help us to address the health needs of our members better. Thank you!