Letter of Solidarity with CUPE Local 233

Dear members of Local 233,

On behalf of our Executive Committee and almost 2000 members, including Teaching Assistants, Lab Demonstrators, Marker/Graders, Contract Instructors, Course Coordinators, ESL Instructors and Coordinators, and Clinical Nursing Instructors, we would like to extend a message of solidarity in your struggle for a just collective agreement.

As we have been seeing inflation levels at levels not seen in decades, we all need to stand together to support all members in a fight for a fair wage. As our members had been amongst the lowest paid in the sector for comparable work, we were able to make meaningful gains in improving our wages against an employer that had claimed that it is not their responsibility to pay wages that keep up with inflation. Meanwhile, our members are forced to make do with less while still being responsible for the same workload.

We will be entering bargaining soon for two of our four units, and we stand with you. We are pledging $250 should you take strike action. Further, we will try to work to bring members to your line in solidarity.

We are stronger when we support each other!

In solidarity,

Nathan Cecckin


CUPE 4207

(PDF version of letter)